Uruguay Important Travel Information

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What travel documentation do I need to visit Uruguay?


Foreign visitors usually do not need to apply for a Visa. The entry requirement is to hold a valid passport only. Note that citizens of other South America countries in MERCOSUR may be allowed entrance by holding a national identification card. However, it is always advisable to check Uruguay’s government official website for the latest travel information since the requirements may change.
So regardless of your country of origin, always make sure you visit Uruguay’s official website prior to making travel arrangements. I’ve listed their website here.


How’s the climate in Uruguay?


The climate in Uruguay is humid (normally around 17° C / 62° F) and mild. Since Uruguay’s location is within a temperate zone, it has consistent rainfall year round.  In July, temperatures from the mid-winter go from 9° to 12° C (48°-54° F).  Most of winter days reach 16° C / 60° F though.
However, Uruguay has a warm summer in January, where temperatures typically go from 23° to 26°ish C (72° to 79 °F) hitting up to 34° C / 94° F.  So if you’re more into warmer days, the best time to visit would probably be from December to January.


What language do they speak in Uruguay?


The official language in Uruguay is Spanish. However, there are a few districts along the Brazilian border where Portuñol might be spoken, which is a mix of (Brazilian) Portuguese and Spanish.


What’s Uruguay’s currency?


Uruguay’s official currency is the Uruguayan Peso ($) UYU.  However, the Brazillian Real BRL (R$), the US Dollar (US$) and even the Argentinian Pesos are likely to be accepted in local businesses and sometimes in taxis too.  Always check first since exceptions may occur.  
Also watch out for the difference between currency codes, since prices sometimes might be in Uruguayan Pesos ($) or in US Dollar (US$).  Here is an example from a local store:


The washer, Lavarropas, is in Uruguayan Pesos ($) but the dryer, Secarropas, is in US Dollars (US$).


How to get around in Uruguay?


Local Transportation
The city of Montevideo offers great local bus service as well as other urbanized regions.
Cabs are measured with a meter and they usually charge a little extra for luggage. Travelers typically tip the taxi driver.
Uber is available in Montevideo, but not in Punta del Este. But note that in Montevideo you might get an Uber to drive you to the Carrasco Airport, but from the airport to the city it may not be allowed since the airport itself is in a district where Uber isn’t completely legal yet.
Car Rental
What are the requirements to rent a car in Uruguay?
To rent a car in Uruguay you must hold a driver’s license for at least one year and be 25 and older. Rental business typically asks you to have a valid international credit card, such as MasterCard or Visa.
Driver’s license
You need to provide your original license and an International Driving Permit (IDP).To apply for an IDP, contact your local Department of Transportation in your home country before coming to Uruguay.

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