2 days in Montevideo, Uruguay

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Uruguay Flag

If you follow me on Instagram you know that a couple weeks ago I had the chance to finally visit Uruguay, a small yet lovely South American country.

A little background info first…

If you’re new to Why I Post, let me tell you a quick background on me. You can simply skip to the next section if you’re not new here.

I’m Marcelle and I started my website Why I Post so I could share all my travel-related experiences with as many people as possible so that everyone would feel more confident when applying for a visa, a citizenship process, book a trip overseas, go abroad as an international student or work overseas.
I am such a big nerd when it comes to exchange programs, visas and citizenship applications. I find it really enjoyable to search for all the rules and requirements mandatory for those applications. But I know that’s not for everyone. I understand you may not like those boring things like me. So to help you guys out, I try to simplify and summarize them on my blog.
The information I share comes from countries’ official websites and my personal experience in applying for international processes. And having traveled to 16 countries and having lived abroad a couple times, you can imagine how many application and paperwork I had to go through.

Because of my experience, I have written to other travel blogs and have even given an interview.

Above are just a few of the reasons for why I enjoy blogging about travel experiences.
I’d like to show you that you can have better travel experiences and you should not hate planning your next international trip.
You can make changes to your life by traveling and it doesn’t have to be scary.
Yes, an international experience helps you to tick places off your bucket list. But it’s more than that!
I see traveling as an exclusive experience, that’s all about being present, tasting, learning, trying, seeing and doing.
Going abroad is about indulging in unique local experiences: living the moment and making remarkable memories, the best ones!

I want you to have fun & create your own history while having THE time of your life abroad, truly enjoying the life you are living!

Now let’s get back to the 2-day trip to Montevideo.

We stayed 2 days in Montevideo, which is the capital and the largest city of Uruguay.

Palacio Salvo, Plaza Independencia.


If you haven’t read it yet, please check my Uruguay Important Travel Information post for more detailed info and fast facts about this country.

Here I’ll tell you my itinerary and you can find a bonus for you at the end. 😁

Puerta de la Ciudadela.


Getting to Uruguay was pretty easy. There are good options for direct or connecting flights from either Argentina or Brazil. We went at the beginning of winter and we didn’t have any problems finding flights. Additionally, in the summer time, you might find a different timetable with even more flight options.


Montevideo Agricultural Market. Mercado Agrícola


Day 1

Arriving internationally at Carrasco Airport was easy and fast. Their immigration was basically done electronically by scanning our passports. But note that this might be different depending on the country of your citizenship.

I had done a little research online about ways to get to the city of Montevideo from the Carrasco Airport since the airport is not in the same district of the city.  So apparently you can get a shuttle, a city bus, a taxi or rent a car. Uber is not yet available there.

On our first day in Montevideo, we actually just went from the Airport to the Hotel and then straight to Punta Carretas Shopping (mall) to find a place to eat. After that, we just went for a stroll around the area and then went back to the hotel.



Day 2

Since we didn’t do much on day one, we decided to have an early start on day two and try to do as much as we could.
After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we got an Uber to get us to the Ciudad Vieja area, to purchase our Bus Turístico (Tourist Bus) tickets and hop on right at their starting point: at Mercado del Puerto, a local waterfront market. Since it was early in the morning the market was not yet opened. So we knew we would have to go back there later.

Firstly, we took the bus for almost its entire itinerary. The bus has 11 stops.



We hop on at Stop #0 (Parada 0) and hop off at Stop #9, the closest stop to Pocitos Beach, Playa Pocitos, where I wanted to play tourist at the Montevideo sign, obviously.



From there we explored the area and headed to grab something to eat. Then we hop back on to the bus to go to our second desired location: the Stop #0, to go to the port market. At Mercado del Puerto we enjoyed a couple of local beers and had some appetizers along with a very interesting chat with our brewery server, a “refugee” from Venezuela, who had gone to Uruguay with his fiancée, for a better future.


A place for meat lovers: Mercado del Puerto.
A place for meat lovers in Montevideo: #MercadoDelPuerto Click To Tweet

When the night was coming we got an Uber to our hotel. After showering and taking some rest, we went out for a little walk. Anywhere we go to, we always explore the area nearby to get a local feel. We ended up going to the Punta Carretas Shopping (mall) again since we didn’t feel safe out on the streets. Although we didn’t see any particular situation where we should be alert, but somehow we just felt weird about the fact that the streets weren’t busy, with very few people and cars. And lots of empty and abandoned houses around. And by lots of, I mean A. L.O.T. Like from every 10 houses we saw, I’d say 4 of them were not only vacant but looked like they haven’t received any maintenance at all for a while.

As we were in doubt whether it was safe being out, we preferred to stay in and call it a night. Especially because we would have an early morning the next day, due to our trip to the fabulous Uruguayan city of Punta del Este.

And you, have you been to Montevideo yet? Before planning your next trip to Uruguay, don’t forget to read my latest post on important info and fast facts about this lovely nation and also get your Travel freebie below.


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